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A True Brand

BrandBourg’s mission is to build and develop brands that are relevant and coherent, thereby providing its clients with a true competitive edge.


Our approach is holistic. We examine brands through a commercial, institutional and citizen perspective, as well as from an employer angle.


At BrandBourg, strategies are rooted in the day-to-day business reality of our clients. Our approach is wholly participative, thereby ensuring that all strategies are highly effective and fully endorsed by all stakeholders.



Our services

Brand Strategy

  • Research and Analysis
  • Brand Diagnosis
  • Strategic Clarification and Alignment
  • Brand Foundations
  • Brand Platform

Brand Identity

  • Identities (naming, visual and sensory)
  • Brand Signature
  • Brand Architecture
  • Portfolio Management

Brand Experience

  • Mapping contact points and interaction with the brand
  • Diagnosis of the quality of the brand experience
  • Design of the customer experience
  • Branded content
  • Voice and Key Messages
  • Storytelling
  • Design of the Primary Branded Touchpoints

Brand Alignment

  • Commitment and Experience of Employees
  • Culture and Brand Manifesto
  • Deployment and operational leverages
  • 360 Digital Brand Guide
  • Product Optimization and Innovation Plan
  • Governance & Brand Management
  • Measuring Relevance, Appreciation, Brand Alignment